You will be my witnesses revised

"Be My Witnesses" Middle School Retreat

September 29th, 2017


The middle school "Be My Witnesses" retreat is going to be changed due to lack of interest we will still leave the church at 4:30pm on Friday September 29, but we will return to the church by 11pm on Friday night. The cost will be $40 per person and we will be going downtown to try out a number of things. These include, a prayer walk, trying some new foods, and trying to escape a room.

Go karting

High School Go Karting

October 13th, 2017


Still working on that permit? Maybe once you got your license it wasn’t as awesome as you thought it might be? We have a solution for you. Join us for a night of indoor Go Karting in Speedway and live out all your speeding fantasies in a way that doesn’t get you a ticket. Cost is $30 which covers your racing. If you want food for a snack you’ll need to bring extra money. We leave the church at 5:30 so be there a little before that.


High School Retreat

November 3rd - November 4th, 2017


Let’s face it…school is rough and sometimes you need to get away. That’s why we are taking a retreat to Allendale for one night so we can Refocus on God. More details will come out the closer we get to the event. I can tell you that we will leave the church at 4:30pm on Friday and return at 8pm on Saturday. The cost is $80 (which covers everything). If you have something going on Friday we will have a late bus option. You need to register by October 23.

Duck pin bowling

Middle School Duck Pin Bowling

November 17th, 2017


If you’ve never been Duck Pin bowling then you are missing out. We are going to have a fun evening at Fountain Square. It costs $15 and if you want to get a snack you’ll need to bring some more money. We will leave the church at 6 so be there a little before that.

Gift box question mark

Progressive Dinner

December 17th, 2017

Every year we have the Progressive Dinner. What that entails is a 3 course meal where each course is hosted at a different home. After the meal we head back to the church for a White Elephant Gift Exchange. In case you don’t know the W.E.G.E. is where you find the most ridiculous thing lying around your home (or maybe you pick it up from Goodwill), that you don’t need, wrap it up, and bring it in as a gift. Make sure that you sign up by December 11th.